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Make the most of your Patio Cover with Duralum's extensive line of Weatherwood products. Available in four distinctive cuts and eight natural color choices, Weatherwood offers a LIFETIME of beauty and value

Duralum Products, Inc. has been manufacturing quality aluminum patio covers and enclosures since 1962. They have grown to be one of the larges manufacturers in California.

All designs are configured for loads as highs as 30 lbs. per square foot, wind speeds up to 110 mph and seismic activity Category D.

Each Weatherwood component adheres to the same strict standards- from design to quality control to engineering specifications- and all meet or exceed national building codes.

Weatherwood features a low-maintenance, durable Dupon Teflon surface protector finish. Teflon is universally recognized for its non-stick properties, heat resistance and resistance to corrosion. Its surface protection enhances resistance to dirt and stains for easy-to-clean performance.

Why Use Duralum Products?

~ Adds extra value to your home

~ Durable Finishes & Natural Textures

~ Economical Modular Construction and Low Maintenance

~ Many styles and colors to choose from

~ California's most experienced manufacturer

~ We offer the look of wood with the reliability of aluminum